Here is a list of moves to assist you: (use as a resource (DON'T just copy....hehehe)


Name Description Time to learn (approx changes with each person)
Bakuhatsuha  By raising two fingures the individual of this attack creates a large explosion that will destroy the surrounding area under the ground. Napa used it the first time he landed on earth 4 days
Chobakuretsumaha Piccolo places his hands in front of his torso, powers up his Ki between his hands and releases the blast. It is very powerful blast. 5 days
Crasher Ball This is a ki ball created from the palm of the hand and then released by being  thrown like a baseball.  It resembles Goku's technique, the Genki-dama when he gave it to Krillin. 5 days
Daichiretsuzan  With the swipe of his hand and two fingers extended,  Freeza can create an invisible cutting beam that slices through anything. The beam can go very far. 5 days
Kakusanyudokodan The user of this attack fires many ki blasts around his opponent, surrounding them. Then lunges the bolts towards the opponent at once. Piccolo used this against Android 17 after he merged with Kami-sama. 7 days
Kamehameha One of the most popular and used attack in Dragonball, the Kamehameha was created by Muten Roshi. It is basically a ki blast which is charged up from cupped hands held behind the user. When the blast is fully powered up (at the end of the technique name) the user lunges the blast toward the opponent. 6 days
Kiai A simple technique used to disperse weak ki blasts. It is used by yelling loudly toward an attack. 3 days
Kiaiho A force attack that is used to knock an opponent to his/her back. The force can come from the hand or the eyes. 3 days
Destructo Disk A disk shape ki blast which can slice through an opponent. The Destructo Disk can also be controlled by the user. 6 days
Kikoho Tein-shinhan's strongest blast, he puts the tips of his fingers from both hands together forming a triangle shape. He them shoots out a powerful ki blast in the shape of a triangle. While this technique is very powerful, it is also draining on the user and an kill if it is used too much. 10 days
Kyodaika  With this technique, Piccolo can increase his body in size and strength causing him to be more effective with his range. However this makes him an easier target.  8 days
Mad Attack  Technically translated as "mad dog," this attack is used by Goku who acts like a dog, barking and jumping around to scare his opponent. He then jumps behind and kicks his surprised opponent 1 day?
Special Beam Cannon A penetrating blast shot using two fingers. Actually, it is really two blasts, one going strait, and the other twirling around the strait blast. This attack "drills" through just about anything, exploding upon an item it can't penetrate.  6 days
Masenko This is Gohan's trademark technique. He powers up energy over his head with both of his hands,  one palm behind the other, then brings his hands down in front of him to fire the blast at the opponent.  5 days
Mystic Attack This technique is a Namek-seijin's ability to extend his limbs to attack his opponent from a distance. Once Piccolo grabs his opponent, he kicks or punches them when up close.  10 days
Fist of the wolf fang  After preparing himself in a special, tiger like stance, he attacks with claw like punches and kicks. He usually finishes the technique off with a double claw fist. Yamucha improved the technique after training with Muten Roshi.  5 days
Rolling Satan Punch Not a real powerful technique since it was created and used by Mr. Satan; he curls up into a shape of a ball, rolls on the ground, then punches his enemy.  1 day
Renzoku Energy Dan  The user of this technique shoots ki bolts continuously from his hands. This results in sort of a "machine gun" effect of ki blasts. Vegeta is notorious for using this technique. 5 days
Renzoku Shine This is Gotenks version of the "Renzoku energy Dan." Its the same attack, only it is more powerful. 5 days
The Ultimate Attack This is a ki blast that Napa shoots out of his mouth. 7 days
Shiyoken A technique used to sprout extra arms from the back and shoulders. This technique has advantages as it increases the user's attack range and defensive power. Tein-shinhan's used this technique 4 days
Shogekiha This attack is an invisible laser shot from either the hands or eyes, depending on who uses it. This attack is very similar to the Kiaiho, except it is more flexible to use. 5 days
Sokidan A round KI ball shot from the palm of the hand. The attack can be guided with the use of the user's hand.  5 days
Solar Flare Used as a diversionary technique, the user stands behind the sun, puts his hands in front of his face and says "Taiyoken." After that a bright light beams from his hands and face, so bright that it blinds the opponent. Tein-shinhan is the originator of this technique. 1 day