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                                                           FORGET DBZ AS YOU KNOW IT                                                            

Welcome to the dimension X RPG. This game is based around Dragon ball Z however over characters from other animes and mangas may be allowed. 

To learn how to play: Go to the 'Battles' (Message board) and read the examples posted there.

Any problems? Enter the chat room or mail me 


21/05/01 Sorry for lack of updates on this site... The RPG is still going strong (on the message board) Open for custom character members...We have picked up two new affiliates: Anime store UK and Vegetaz Ultimate RPG.. take your time to visit both of them... GM
21/04/01 RPG Has started,,,,,,,,, characters still available...
19/04/01 RPG will open this weekend...Get up to scratch with the system on the message board
18/04/01  Site started. Hope to get some visitors and soon... so we can get up and running...... SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS.....please....

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*Note* Gary leave these gifs/pics alone... they belong to the members