Regular Items/Weapons

Item Name Description Price (gp)
Senzu Beans Restores Health and energy to a character 500 each
Scouter Used for long range communication and reading opponents power levels 1000
Dragon Radar Speeds the search-time for dragon ball quests 2000
Samurai Sword  A Japanese Sword 3000
Broad Sword  A Large sword (Like Trunk's sword) 2000
Power Pole A large battle pole 1500
Ki Gun Amplifies a characters Ki blasts (becomes obsolete against more powerful opponents 2000
Weighted Clothing Clothing used to enhance training 500
Healing Pod A regeneration Tank for injured characters 4000
Gravity Machine A training device 4000
2 Man Space Ship Ship that can carry 2 people; includes a gravity machine for training 3000
5 Man Space Ship Ship that can carry 5 people; includes a gravity machine for training 5000

Some of these items will not be available until later on in the story.... i.e.: No scouters until one is brought back to earth for study

Fun/Special Items

Item Name Description Price (gp)
Special Clothing Post a request on the board---specifying the clothing you want (i.e. Great Saiyaman Suit) TBA
Special Weapons If you want any weapons not already listed--- post a request on the board for an item...i.e. Rapier TBA
Room of Spirit and Time pass This entitles you to a day in the room of spirit and time : see training for details 5000


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