1)Firstly have fun this what the rpg is here for so enjoy

2)Try and play realistically to your character i.e. if you are Goku don't be evil it just isn't right. 

3)Play fair don't cheat

4)Keep your swearing down or you will be kicked off I don't like it either. Things like damn and Christ are fine

5)Stay active or it will be presumed you have given up. This will end up with your character being available for adoption by another gamer however you can get the character back by rejoining. The character will have a starting power level.

6)Dont wine to the game master his decision is final.

7)When you defeat an opponent you receive 10% of their power level and 3 off there items (your choosing) and 25% of their money

8)Spaceships contain gravity machines as standard.

9)You can go to any DBZ known planet once there you will have an adventure

10)Try and participate- try to do about a post a day (we know this can be tough)

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